ISS: DIstance From Me?

I read about the Device Address API that allows Alexa skills to access the device’s location. This was a really interesting concept to me because, before this API, skills were unable to implement features that needed location awareness. I wanted to build a skill that utilized this new feature, but I never had an idea… until one night I was looking up at the stars and wondering – how far is the International Space Station and the people living aboard it? My next though was – how cool would it be if I could just ask Alexa? And, not too long after, ISS: Distance From Me? was born!

After my initial idea, I did some research and found an API online that returned the coordinates of the ISS along with its altitude. With this information and the device address, I was able to create a solution that calculates exactly how far the ISS is from the Alexa device in real-time.

Now, whenever I’m curious, I can just say to Alexa, “ask Space Station how far away it is”.

UsedAlexa Skills Kit, AWS Lambda, Device Address API, Where Is ISS At?

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