True Or False: Animal Edition

True Or False: Animal Edition

A common thing I saw in the Alexa development community was the use of templates to speed up the skill building process. I brainstormed a couple different ideas for templates and ended up with a true or false game template. After I made the template, I’d be able to quickly create new skills with different editions (e.g. Sports Edition, Animal Edition, etc.). I wanted to integrate a couple different advanced concepts to make the overall experience better for the user. Some of these concepts were: persistent data across their sessions which allows for interesting statistics like score steaks and all-time scores, in-skill purchasing that gives the user the full experience with a limited question bank along with the ability to purchase the full question bank, and the use of speech synthesis markup language (SSML) to give Alexa more personality with her responses.

This Skill uses the template I described above with a database full of animal questions.

UsedAlexa Skills Kit (In-Skill Purchasing), AWS Lambda, DynamoDB,

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